For several years, I taught literature-based watercolor classes for kids of all ages (and adults) at Huron Valley Council for the Arts.  Now, I’m offering those same classes once again.  There are two ways to join this painting and story-telling adventure!

  1. Join us for a private or semi-private painting lesson at the studio.  Each child is $15/lesson.  Lessons are weekly and are for 1 hour.  Parents who stay are welcome to paint for free.  This price includes all materials.  To schedule a lesson, please email Michele.
  2. Online painting!  Using Skype, Facetime or Facebook messenger, take your painting lesson from your very own home (you will need a dedicated art space.)  Perfect for kids who can’t get to the studio after school or want to include art in their homeschool curriculum.  Digital art lessons are live and in realtime.  $15/student.  Since there is less to prepare, these lessons are 30 minutes.  Email Michele to schedule your online lessons.

Each month, we focus on different books and complete watercolor art from the story that acts as our inspiration.  I will have sections posted each week to help get your creative mind working.

February: The Miraculous Adventures of Edward Tulane.  If you’d like to read it ahead or learn about the author, visit here.

March: The Fantastic Mr. Fox.