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Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano or harp but couldn’t commit to the weekly lessons?  Maybe you’re already a student who doesn’t want to spend the summer practicing every week but you don’t want to forget how to play?

No matter the reason, some of us WANT to learn to play, but we just have to find the right level of commitment.  That’s where Michigan Conservatory comes in.

Choose your level:

Level A. Beginner: just learning to read notes.  Can make out simple, one-handed melodies by ear.

Level B. 5 Finger Songs: knows the first 5 notes on each hand and can play songs where each hand takes turns.

Level C. Hands Together: Left hand plays simple accompaniment while right hand plays  more complex melodies.

Level D. Intermediate: Both hands plant together or independently of themselves with more complex intermingling of melodies and accompaniment.  Student is learning to play in different keys.  Intro to Hanon exercises.

Level E. Advanced Level 1: Intro to classical and pop music arrangements, tablature where basic chords are memorized and intro to improv.  Intro to Composing music.

Level F. Advanced Level 2: Student lead music based on their interests with mixture of tablature, advanced chords and rolling chords.  Improv and composing music assignments with recording and advanced tools for creating one’s own sheet music.

With our Monthly Learn As You Go Subscriptions, you get:

*2 -3 pieces of music to work on for the month

*a video for each piece of music

*1 live 30-minute online lesson with your dedicated instructor

$50/month (billed to your credit or debit card.)

Email Michele at and let us know if you’re interested in our Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Program.

Also, let us know if you would like the Piano or Harp Program.