No matter how much you practice, the difficulty of your new music or even if you are, in fact, left handed, playing the left hand is difficult.  I have taught for nearly 20 years and I cannot explain it.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE struggles with the left hand accompaniment.

Don’t give up!

Instead, go slow.  Sometimes, music is more of a freak out than it should be.  Some of my students look at a new piece of music and say, “Never mind.”

Don’t let that be the case.  Instead, think of music more as a math problem.  Ok.  Bad analogy.

Think of your new piece of music more like baking cookies.  (Better visual?  Good)  Cookies are made up of several ingredients when you break them down.  So is music.  Sometimes, with piano (or harp) just playing the left hand and then playing the right (sometimes for an entire week) will develop something extraordinary called muscle memory.

Muscle memory is a very cool thing that your brain can do.  If you practice the left hand over and over again, when you add the right, you won’t have to think about it.  Your left hand will just “know” what to do.  Pretty amazing, right?

So, instead of freaking out, go slow, break the music down in to smaller parts and go slow.

You’ve got this.

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