While we, at Michigan Conservatory specialize in music, Ms. Michele also tutors French and Reading. Since so many students are catching up on their reading skills, Ms. Michele is offering a fun way to boost reading skills.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Book Club: Let’s read The Bad Guys books! The Bad Guys comprise of a wolf, a shark, a snake and a piranha who decide to go legit….and become GOOD guys. They try everything from rescuing a kitten in a tree to saving the puppies at the pound but it will take more than that to convince the world they really have changed. Hilarious and written specifically for the kids 5-7, come and read the Bad Guys with us and then, catch the movie that comes out featuring the characters from the books.

The Bad Guys Book Club starts on Monday, June 20 at 12 noon and goes through every Monday through the summer. $8/class. Book club will last 45 minutes. Every participant will have several chances to read aloud and we will have a group discussion at the end.

Second Grade-Fourth Grade Book Club: How to Train Your Dragon. You may have seen the movies but the books are SO much better!! Hiccup is the small, but clever son of Stoic, the chief of the Hooligan Viking tribe. To make his father proud, Hiccup must steal a dragon egg, train it to hunt and fish on command and beat all the other boys in the village to prove that he is rightful heir in the line for the throne. Toothless, Hiccup’s dragon has much different plans. Cheer for the underdog and read along as we learn the real story of Hiccup.

The How to Train Your Dragon Book Club starts on Monday, June 20 at 1pm and goes every Monday through the summer. $8/class. Book club will last 45 minutes. Book club includes reading aloud and group discussion to improve comprehension.

EMail Ms. Michele at harpymichele@gmail.com to register.

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